As the glass is created

In the language of every day the so-called glass is the glass formed by silicon oxide used in fixtures, or funishings as domestic cups and containers.
The art of glass manufacturing and processing is called ialurgia instead.
The glass is a very versatile material, which you can get in various colours and shapes, and is recyclable.
Pure glass is a transparent, solid and inert in terms of chemical and biological, with smooth surface.
It's fragile and if he breaks becomes sharp.
It is composed of a mixture of various substances, and if heated to a temperature between 1300 and 1500° C it becomes soft and workable.
The primary component of the glass is silica, however then other substances added to facilitate the merger, or to make a stable structure, or to provide particular characteristics.
The dark matter is the most common sodium oxide, while the valuable glass using the potassium carbonate.
To make it transparent you use other substances that remove impurities.
Depending on the property that you want to get you add various substances.