Murano chandeliers glassmaking heritage

Murano has had an historical evolution in the glassmaking techniques. The ancient and historical techniques are today, as in the past, the most interesting. An example is the blowing-glass technique witch is the most difficult way to obtain pieces of glass art such as the Murano chandeliers.

Today the Murano Venetian chandeliers are both made with the ancient techniques or create using different industrial ways. It is possible to discover the true one from the fake one when you can see some little imperfections in the final product. There is also a Venetian brand witch helps you to buy the original one!

In the past when people come to Venice to buy a Venetian chandelier, they didn't know where it was made. Murano has always been the most important island because it was much more safe because of the high temperature needed to manipulate glass.

Some amazing products are the Murano's pendant lights witch are very small and difficult to be created. That's the incredible and unique characteristic of the masterpieces created by the Murano's artisans.

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